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I’m coming back now, I promise

I’m sorry, audience of zero, I haven’t been updating you on my learning process or helping you keep up. The problem is, I have been moving way too fast to write about it every day. So, to update you:


While I am no master, I plowed through my HTML book and felt comfortable enough to move on.


I know the concepts of CSS, I know what it can do and I know where to look up commands, I think I will get better by doing.

So the blog originally was for you to learn with me and I dropped the ball on keeping up with it. Sorry.

So, Where am I now?


I have been playing around with codecademy for a few months now and I love it. The exercises are challenging and you have a lot of freedom to mess around. It was a great intro to programming and I have since expanded my pursuits!


Through the urging of my wonderful friends Jessica Barnett and Aubrey Goodman, I decided to pursue Ruby. I love it. Actually love is a gross understatement. When I sleep, I have dreams of objects and methods dancing in my head (you think I’m joking).

I am currently working my way through the Learn to Program by Chris Pine (highly recommend) and a course offered by Pragmatic Studios (equally awesome).

Needless to say, I don’t want to do anything else but program in Ruby for the foreseeable future.

General Computer Science

For this I am reading Schaum’s Outline which moves really fast but is completely worth the effort. I think this will prepare me well for some further exploration into algorithms and databases.


I am also going through Standford’s Intro to Programming Methodology and Computer Science class to hopefully give me some training in larger theories and best practices of software design.

So, yes I am busy. I will however try to post more often with some tidbits, challenges and advice I pick up along the way. I hope you continue to read!