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Setting Up Your Website - Learn With Jeff

Homework Answers:

<html> and </html> let the browser know where the html document begins and ends

<head> and </head> starts and ends the page “head”

<title> and </title> Gives the page a title

<body> and </body> starts and ends the “body” of the document.

<h1> and </h1> changes the formatting of the enclosed text to the size of  heading 1

<p> and </p> shows when a paragraph begins and ends

<h2> and </h2> Same as heading 1 except slightly smaller.  There is a total of 6 heading sizes

Today’s Lesson

Setting up your website

In order to begin creating your website you have to first choose a text editor. If you have a Mac you can use TextEdit. If you have a PC, Notepad comes standard. Thanks to Jessica I will be using TextMate which is a text editor made specially for developers.

So open up the text editor of your choice and make sure that it is set to a plain text format (not necessary if using TextMate)

Save the file as “index.html” to a folder called “learnwithjeff.”
Now, try creating a file like the one I did in my previous post. Once you have finished open the file using your browser and check out your first HTML website!