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Sunday's Challenge - Learn With Jeff

Full of the knowledge gained from Coder Night on Thursday, I made an attempt at creating a poker game. My original plan was to create three classes, a Player class, a Deck class and a Game class. The general construction of the game would be the Game class would use take a new deck object and pop the last card out of the shuffled array and assign it to one of the players in the array “hand”

The first problem I ran into was getting each player cards from the same deck. When I wrote the program the first time I assigned a new deck to each player.

I think I finally figured out the problem there, but I broke the program :/

I am pretty sure the problem is somewhere in my Game class. Any ideas?

require_relative 'player'
class Game
  attr_reader :hand
  attr_accessor :make_game
  def initialize numplayers
    @numplayers = numplayers
    hand = []
  def make_game
    i = 0
    while i < @numplayers
    hand << Player.new()