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Moving to Portland

Moving to Portland

It feels like yesterday that I was writing about new adventures. Here I am, planning another crazy but exciting move.

The last 18 months have involved an insane amount of change for me. I changed careers, moved to New York, then switched jobs again. Now we are starting a new chapter in Portland, Oregon!

Clare, my fiancee, was recently offered a feature writing position at The Oregonian newspaper! I am excited for the adventure, the prospect of a new job and a new city, but I will miss my friends, Brooklyn and the Flatiron School immensely.

In the last few months I have watched and helped train 32 of the most amazing people I have met. I have no doubt that over the next few years we will see amazing products coming from these students.

This move is a little bittersweet. In a few short months the team and Flatiron School has become like a family. I’ve learned so much from my bosses and coworkers, and I’m incredibly grateful to them.

My time at Flatiron School has changed me as a person and as a programmer.

This is goodbye, but hopefully not forever. New York, I’ll miss you.