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For My First Lesson My Digital Resume - Learn With Jeff

I’ve done a lot of cool things in my short 24 years. I’m proud of my accomplishments and I want to show them off to future employers, partners and investors. To do this, I am making an online resume. First, I need a url. To do this you need to find an available domain name and a domain registration company. Here are some of the tools I used:
  • Domai.nr - This tool helps you find interesting domain names
  • Fat Cow - I love this website. It handles my domain registration as well as my hosting. It has one click Word Press installation, unlimited storage and a free domain name. It may not be the best in the market but I have been very happy with them.
Some other tools:
  • Domain Registrars
  1. Name Cheap - Voted number one by lifehacker
  2. 1&1 - Came highly recommended
  3. Godaddy - I have used in the past, generally more expensive and not user friendly
  • Website Hosting
  1. Blue Host - Highly recommended by friends
  2. Host Monster - Generally good online reviews
  3. Godaddy - Popular but again, more expensive and not user friendly
What I did:
  1. Searched for domains using domia.nr. I tried a few combinations and settled on hirejeffbaird.com
  2. Opened a new account of Fat Cow, entered in my desired domain name and credit card information. I am now the proud owner of hirejeffbaird.com and have a hosting account to go along with it. Yay!
Tomorrow’s Lesson: Getting Started with Word Press