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I learn by teaching

I Am Jeff. Learn Cool Shit With Me. - Learn With Jeff

Welcome to my new website, where we get to learn cool stuff together! I have spent a lifetime in school learning jack shit. Everything I’ve learned, for real, I taught myself or learned on the job.

That is what we are going to take a stab at on this site. I am going to pick a skill and then I’m going to teach myself said skill. I will then post how-to guides, instructional videos, detailed accounts of my mistakes, and (sometimes) funny anecdotes of the learning experience.

Sound fun? I hope so.

So a little about me:

  • I am an undergraduate student in the entrepreneurship program at University of South Florida St. Petersburg.
  • I worked on ships (no not cruise ships, the ones that bring all those products from China that you like)
  • I’ve started three companies
  • I just got engaged to the most wonderful woman in the world
  • I read. A lot.
  • I like to teach
  • New is exciting
  • I love learning

Okay, I won’t talk much more about myself from here on out, but I thought you should know the man behind the curtain.

As this website progresses I would love to field suggestions on topics to cover so jump in on the comments :)